Pluxy Reviews 2024: One Epilator To Ease Your Life

Plucking facial hair, waxing, shaving…
What comes to your mind when you hear these words?

-The pain from pulling your facial hair out?
-Time and money wasted on expensive waxing?
-Seeing your facial hair grow back in a few days, darker and thicker?

If you’ve imagined all of them, come give me a hug because I suffered them all, too.

Well, until I stumbled upon Pluxy Epilator, a new technological marvel I’d say.

Just last month, I was introduced to this machine by a friend of mine. I had to get it after seeing what it can do.

The next thing I knew was holding the magic wand in my hand. And boy oh boy, technology has done some amazing things to my life and I can assure you, this one would top them all.

So, today, I’m sharing my experience with Pluxy and share what I’ve experienced for the last month.

Bear with me as I walk you through the Pluxy Review from a user’s perspective after 1 month. I’ll help you decide whether to get it or not.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

What is Pluxy Anyway?

Okay, let’s start by giving you a complete understanding of what Pluxy is, and what it does.

pluxy reviews

Pluxy is the world’s first Epilator that was designed especially for facial hair.

Facial hair is not as easy to deal with as compared to body hair. And yet, the epilators you can find in the market are designed for both body and facial hair.

As you can already tell, those epilators are not the best for your facial hair. They’re made for hard and thick body hair.

Pluxy, on the other hand, takes that seriously, took the initiative, and made the right move to bring in an extra sophisticated epilator that doesn’t hurt your face.

In fact, discomfort is nonexistent compared to the tickling sensation you feel during plucking and irritation from waxing.

How Does Pluxy Hair Removal Work?

There are two things to know to understand how Pluxy works and how it revolutionizes the way we remove facial hair.

pluxy reviews

First: The principle behind Hair removal:

We have 3 traditional ways to get rid of facial hair:

1: Shaving: We don’t really remove the hair, it’s just shaved on the surface level of your skin. So, the hair grows back in 3 to 4 days, thicker and darker. It's not the best way to get rid of facial hair.

2: Waxing: This helps the hair grow much slower and thinner, but that comes with its price. You have to pay a lot, schedule a time, essentially spending a ton of money every other week.

3: Plucking: While this is not as expensive as waxing, it does have its trade-offs. You will have to spend a ton of time pulling hair out of your face. Let’s not talk about how painful the process is.


Now, the Pluxy Way: When you remove your facial hair using Pluxy, it will pull the hairs out of their roots. Result? You guessed it, much slower time to grow back and much thinner hair when they do.

What about spent time, pain, and cost?

Well, unlike shaving, waxing, and plucking, you’ll have no recurring costs, it doesn’t hurt at all, and it takes literally minutes.

I’m talking about full facial hair to no facial hair in 2 minutes or less!

And how long to wait before the hair grows back again? A whopping 4 weeks! Yes, I get a whole month of hair-free, clean face after using Pluxy.

Second: How Pluxy does it? (Pluxy review for face)

Pluxy has a great way to pull out hair from the skin without giving me any pain or irritation. It has a high-tech head that has these high speed rotary wheels that do the job quickly.

All I do is roll the head over my facial hair and make sure the rollers are going over all my unwanted hair. It does its thing and in a few minutes, I get my clean face, free of hair.

What it does is, as your hair goes inside the rollers, hair get trapped between the rollers. As the rollers keep going, they pull out the hair from its root. The process goes so fast, you won’t even notice all these.


The rollers of the Epil Pro are made of 17mm disks that can reach even the thinnest and shortest hairs underneath.

And since it comes with its own glide technology (patented to the manufacturer), it helps me stay out of skin irritation.

Features Of Pluxy Epilator

Now that you know what Pluxy does and how it does that, let’s get to know what it offered me as a user:

Water Resistant

Pluxy comes with a water-resistant design to adapt seamlessly into your daily skincare routine.

You can use it while taking a shower and clean it using water and keep it in pristine condition for long. It has become an enjoyable part of my lifestyle for this feature.

pluxy reviews

Antimicrobial Silver Ions

While removing hair, Pluxy also spreads antimicrobial Silver Ions on your skin. It forms a powerful shield to fight bacteria to prevent your face on the open hair roots.

It also ensures a smoother experience during the removal and healthier skin afterward.

Patented Glide Technology

Pluxy offers a unique experience when I use Pluxy on my facial hair. As I roll it on my face, it never hurts my hair roots as most other similar products did in the past.

Turns out, this Epil comes with another patented technology called smooth glide. It’s specially built to eliminate the irritation we usually get from traditional hair removal methods.

Pluxy has made sure I’m not even feeling a thing as it gets the hair out.

No Toxic Chemicals:

I had to do a lot of digging before getting Pluxy for this part: Does Pluxy have any toxic chemicals?

Well, to my expectations, it didn’t!

First, Pluxy doesn’t need any consumables.
Second, It didn’t use any harsh material to build the internals as well.

Right from the moment I put my hands on Pluxy, I knew I had the right product to put on my face. That’s because the tip of the epil had a very gentle touch to its teeth.

pluxy reviews

And since it doesn’t use any chemicals, I was assured a great hair removal without issues.

Antibacterial Protection
Where Pluxy really shines is the care they’ve blended into their technology. They made sure that people don’t get skin issues after using it to remove hair from the roots.

As you remove the hair from the roots, you end up with open pores that are vulnerable to bacteria. But Pluxy has thought that out beforehand and put silver ions to protect you.

As a result, with Pluxy, you don’t have to worry about developing Acne or any facial skin issues.

Water Resistant
Using an epilator with that many features means you want to use it on the go, even in the shower.

Guess what? I use Pluxy every other day in the shower area! It’s water resistant and works great even when wet.

So, dry skin or wet, if you’ve got your epilator on you, you can have baby smooth skin in minutes!

Dermatology: Tested for!
Now, seeing Pluxy offering too much in one tiny form factor, you may think, what’s the catch!

Pluxy has been under the telescope of specialists through dermatological testing. This epilator is a banger as it not only made sure of the most sought-after features but also has the right feel to it.

I mean, when I use Pluxy, it’s so easy to hold on hand, even for extended periods.

Is Pluxy Legit Or A Scam Facial Epilator?

With all the crazy features and competition spreading stories, you may get skeptical about the legitimacy of Pluxy.

Well, let me share my experience and tell you what it is.

Pluxy is the real deal if you’ve ever waxed your face or peeled off hair like a caveman. It’s helping me get rid of my facial hair quicker than ever. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt my face and wallet like other methods used to.

So, if you’re in pursuit of a baby smooth face without worrying ever again, get Pluxy today. Pluxy is not a scam and it’s 100% legit, with great innovations inside.

Benefits Of Pluxy (Pluxy Epilator Reviews)

Now, let me share the benefits I’ve got using the epilator in my daily life. I’m sure you’ll agree with me once you start using it as well.

pluxy reviews

Facial Hair Removal Without Pain

Let’s face it, the pain of pulling or waxing facial hair is real and nobody loves pain. With Pluxy, you can say bye to pain forever.

Pluxy glides over the hair and pulls it out from the roots without causing any pain. As compared to waxing, Pluxy does a great job.

Blazing Fast Hair Removal

Talk about removing facial hair without any flaw, and you can picture yourself wasting a ton of time. I mean, getting appointments for waxing, shaving every few days, watching hair grow darker and faster, the list goes on.

With Pluxy, the hair removal experience transforms upside down. You can forget wasting time as this epilator requires less than 5 minutes to give you a smooth, hair-free face.

All you have to do is, start the epilator, roll over the hair wet or dry, and you’re ready in minutes!

Use While Taking A Shower

Convenience is a big factor for me when it comes to personal care and hygiene. Pluxy helps me stay up to my satisfaction as I can use it while taking a shower.


It’s completely water resistant, so you never have to worry about getting the epilator wet. No more extra effort to keep your instrument safe, and certainly no more wasted time.

Smooth Skin Without Irritation

Skin irritation is a real problem for people, especially those who have sensitive skin. If plucking and waxing are no suite for your skin, Pluxy can offer you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

You can use this epilator on the go, any time of the day, dry or wet, and there will be no irritation. In fact, since it emits silver ions while using, you’ll actually feel much better!

Long Lasting Smoothness

How long does your facial hair take to grow back after each shave? A week, at maximum?

Say hello to long lasting smoothness, and get the Pluxy epilator. Once you clean your hair with Pluxy, you can say bye to hair removal for the next 4 weeks!

pluxy reviews

As Pluxy pulls the hair from its roots, it takes significantly longer to grow back. And when the hair does grow back, it grows thin as new.

Easy To Use And Wireless

Using Pluxy is the epitome of convenience. There is no preparatory time like taking a multiplug to the shower. Pluxy is rechargeable and lasts a few weeks before you need to recharge again.

If you have recharged Pluxy prior, you can just take this tiny beast in your handbag and get going! Take it out of your bag and get rid of facial hair in minutes. That’s how easy it is to stay in style with Pluxy.

How To Use Pluxy?

You now know it’s very easy to use PLuxy. But how do you actually use it?

How To Use Pluxy

Here’s how you can use Pluxy, get rid of your facial hair, and maintain a pristine style:

  1. Prepare your epilator:
    First, you need to charge Pluxy to 100% to make sure you can use it wirelessly. It doesn’t take long to recharge fully and lasts over a month of hair removal.
  2. Turn on and glide:
    Once recharged, go ahead and turn the epilator on. Now you can glide the rotating tip of Pluxy over your face to start removing hair.
  3. Clean and moisturize:
    After you’ve removed all facial hair, you can now clean both your epilator and your face. Apply moisture on your face after cleaning for nourishing skin.

Why Is Pluxy Better Than Shaving, Waxing, Or Plucking Facial Hair? (PLuxy Hair Removal Review)

Shaving, waxing, and plucking are the most traditional ways to take if you want to remove facial hair.

Pluxy reviews

But as technology evolved to what it is today, it’s safe to say that the alternative to all these painful options is here.

It’s pluxy. But how?

Compared to Shaving:
Pluxy offers a better regrowth period of over 4 weeks. Shaving gives you a maximum of 1 week before the hair grows back.

Plus, with shaving, the hair will be darker and thicker as it grows again. Pluxy is a much easier way to remove your facial hair without running a blade over your skin.

Compared to Waxing:
Pluxy is the painless solution to waxing your facial hair. Pulling out hair with sticky substance is no joke, especially if you’re new to it. Pluxy pulls your hair without even making you feel a thing.

Besides, you have to spend a ton of time and money to get an appointment from a professional wax service. Leave burning and red face every week behind and get Pluxy.

Compared to plucking:
Let’s face it, you have thousands of hair on your face and plucking them one by one is just not practical.

With Pluxy, you’re practically plucking your hair, but at a blazing fast speed. The rotating disks on the tip will pull even the tiniest hair out which you may not even see while plucking.

Why Should You Choose Pluxy Instead Of Other Facial Epilators?

You can find other Epilators in the market, not so popular, but you do have options. Where does Pluxy stand out then?

pluxy reviews

To start with, you already know Pluxy has patented glide technology to keep your skin fresh as a rose. Since it’s patented, you’re not getting this in any other epilator, even if it’s a good one.

With Pluxy, you can use it wired, wireless, wet, dry, fast, slow, the way you like.

There’s practically no way to look bad after you use Pluxy. With most other epilators in the market, you’re bound to endure some irritation and limitations like no water resistance and so on.

Who Is Pluxy Made For?

So, it’s settled that Pluxy is the modern solution to all sorts of issues with traditional hair removal options.

Pluxy reviews

The question is, is Pluxy good for you? Can it be your next daily companion to pristine fashion?

The answer is, YES!

With Pluxy, you can finally go out, meet and greet people, do business, and venture out, all without worrying about facial hair!

Since you can take this little machine with you anywhere and clean up in minutes, you’re 100% in control.

You can use it on both wet and dry face, it doesn’t irritate your skin. And most importantly, you’ll be more confident with a face smooth like a dolphin, all the time!

Pluxy Reviews: Pros

The Pluxy Epil Pro 3.0 reviews wouldn’t be complete without sharing its pros and cons. Its advantages are endless, let’s get you an overview of what benefits it comes with:

  • Fast and soothing facial hair removal
  • Great looking and small to carry around
  • Usable on both wet and dry face with water resistant design
  • Has a patented glide technology to prevent irritation
  • Comes with the anti-acne feature using silver ions
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Pulls hair from roots to ensure 4-weeks smoothness
  • No use of toxic chemicals and anti-bacterial agents
  • Fit for people of all ages and skin types

Pluxy Reviews: Cons

Even though Pluxy is a well designed machine to get your hands on, there are a few downsides I want to mention:

Price Of Pluxy
  • The design is mostly suitable for facial hair only. You can’t use it on other body parts
  • The charging cable is proprietary, so you also have to carry it if you’re going out for too long.
  • It’s only available online and the manufacturer doesn’t have it in offline stores like Walmart.

Real Customer Reviews On Pluxy Epil Pro

I had searched for real customer reviews before buying Pluxy. To help you accelerate your research before you get yours, I’m attaching those reviews here to go through:

Freya William (EU) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“It’s never been this easy to stay fresh without facial hair. Thanks to Pluxy, I’m now getting more time for my business”

Isabella Charon (UK) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I was skeptical about Pluxy but got it anyway seeing the hype on Social media. And it was a wonderful decision I must say! I keep Pluxy in my purse and use it like I use my phone!”

Patricia (US) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Buying Pluxy was one of my best moves this year. Me and my daughter are loving the smoothness of our faces. It’s never been this easy to get rid of our facial hair. Good buy to waxing each week.”

I’ve got these reviews from different platforms and social media. I knew people must be getting the benefits they’re talking about. After purchasing Pluxy, I thought, why wouldn’t they? It’s such a useful device within such a compact form factor!

You’ll love Pluxy as well, give it a shot, and see how great a decision you took.

Price Of Pluxy

Pluxy sells like a hot cake. You can only get it from the manufacturer’s website.

Price Of Pluxy

Pluxy has 3 different bundle options to buy:

Single Pluxy: You can buy a single unit of Pluxy Epil Pro at the regular price of $79.99

Combo offer: The most popular option is getting two Pluxy together, one coming at 50% off which totals at $149.98.

Family Deal: If you need a family pack of Pluxy, you can get 3 Pluxy at $199.98 with free shipping all over the USA.

Besides, if you want to get the Pluxy essentials with the main head Pluxy comes with, that’ll be another $44.99 to get the whole bundle.

Where To Buy Pluxy

As Pluxy has high demand, the manufacturer sells it only on their official website to prevent scams. This not only helps them keep the price reasonable but also can offer an extensive guarantee policy.

They’re offering a 90-day money-back guarantee so that people can buy and experience Pluxy without any worry. I’d highly recommend checking out their website if you want to get one for yourself.

And since you’re reading my review, you’re getting a special price today from the oficial store!

Pluxy Reviews: Frequently Asked Question

Got some questions for me regarding Pluxy? I understand. Let’s answer the most common questions you may have in mind:

Is Pluxy Effective And Safe To Use?

Yes, Pluxy is very much effective and safe to use as I’ve never felt any better ever since I started using Pluxy. It’s easy to remove hair using Pluxy, dry, or wet face without irritations.

Does Pluxy Epilator Pro Fit All Skin Types?

Pluxy is compatible for all skin types and there is no age restrictions either. You can use Pluxy to remove hair whether you’re young or elderly. With Pluxy’s diamond-shaped tweezers, your unwanted hair will come out smooth without any irritation or scratches.

Is Pluxy Worth The Money?

To my opinion, Pluxy is worth every penny and more. Once you get Pluxy, you start saving money on waxing from the day one.

Is Pluxy Safe To Use On Both Dry And Moist Skin?

That’s one of Pluxy’s benefits that you can use Pluxy on both wet and dry skin. Pluxy is water resistant, so you can even use it while taking a shower.

How Many Pluxy Sessions Can A Single Charge Support?

From one single full charge, you can have 4+ full Pluxy sessions, meaning full face hair removal.

Final Verdict On Pluxy Reviews

There you have it! The ultimate review of Pluxy Epil Pro from a user who wants the best for you. If you love to save time and money on hair removal and face care, get your Pluxy today and thank me later.

One good advice though, be quick with your purchase because this thing doesn’t stay long online. The hype is real, the product works, and people are loving it, just like I did.

Get your Epil Pro today, and let me know how you loving. Good luck with a face that feels smoother than you’ve ever imagined would be this easy.

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