Tenikle Review 2024: Best Flexible Tripod for Phone, Camera, GoPro

Are you tired of struggling with unstable device mounts that limit your creativity? Say hello to Tenikle review– the game-changer you've been waiting for! Tenikle is not your average device mount; it's a versatile, flexible, and secure solution that instantly mounts your phone, tablet, or camera anywhere you desire. With its bendy legs and powerful suction cups, Tenikle ensures a stable and secure grip on any smooth surface, freeing up your device's speakers, cameras, and ports for unhindered performance.

Gone are the days of lugging around multiple accessories for different purposes – Tenikle combines all your needs into one compact design. Whether you're a content creator, an adventurer, or someone who loves capturing every moment effortlessly, Tenikle is here to revolutionize your device mounting experience. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace boundless creativity with Tenikle!

Tenikle Overview

Tenikle is the ultimate device mount that offers stability, flexibility, and ease of use. With bendable legs and powerful suction cups, it securely mounts phones, tablets, and cameras on any smooth surface. Its versatile design ensures unobstructed access to device features like speakers, cameras, and ports. Say goodbye to multiple accessories and hello to the all-in-one Tenikle solution for content creators, travelers, and anyone seeking boundless creative possibilities.

tenikle review

What is the Tenikle?

The Tenikle is an innovative device mount that securely attaches your phone, tablet, or camera to virtually any smooth surface. It features bendable legs and powerful suction cups, providing stability and flexibility for various mounting options. Unlike traditional mounts, Tenikle's design ensures your device's speakers, cameras, and ports remain unobstructed, allowing for unhindered performance.

tenikle review

It eliminates the need for carrying multiple accessories, as it combines the functionalities of tripods, selfie sticks, and phone stands into one compact and portable solution. With Tenikle, you can effortlessly capture the perfect shot, enjoy hands-free convenience, and explore new angles for your content creation, making it a must-have tool for any tech enthusiast.

Tenikle vs. Other Device Mounts

FeatureTenikleOther Device Mounts
Stability & Security✔ Stable and secure due to bendy legs & powerful suction cups.✘ Often unstable and wobbly, leading to falls, drops, and shattered devices.
Mounting Flexibility✔ Can securely mount on any smooth surface.✘ Require flat surfaces, severely limiting mounting possibilities.
Device Accessibility✔ Never hinders your device; keeps speaker, mic, camera, and ports free.✘ Block speakers, cameras, and ports, impacting video/audio quality and charge ability.
Ease of Use✘ The time-consuming set-up process detracts from the user's enjoyment.✘ Time-consuming set-up process detracts from the user's enjoyment.
Versatility✔ Acts as an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for multiple accessories.✘ Limited in functionality, often specialized for one specific purpose.

If you're looking for a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly device mount, Tenikle is the clear winner. Its innovative design and practical features make it the perfect companion for content creators, travelers, and anyone who wants to make the most of their devices without compromise.

Tenikle Review: Benefits of Tenikle

The Tenikle offers a range of benefits that make it a standout device mount:

tenikle review benefits of tenikle

Stability & Security

It's bendable legs and powerful suction cups, Tenikle provides a stable and secure grip on any smooth surface, preventing accidental falls and damage to your devices.


Tenikle can securely mount on almost any smooth surface, giving you the freedom to capture photos and videos from various angles and settings.

Device Accessibility

Unlike traditional mounts, Tenikle's design ensures that your device's speakers, microphones, cameras, and ports remain unobstructed, allowing for optimal performance.

tenikle review

Ease of Use

With no complicated setup required, Tenikle can be ready to use in seconds, making it a hassle-free and convenient solution for content creators and travelers.

All-in-One Solution

Tenikle replaces the need for multiple accessories, such as tripods, selfie sticks, and phone stands, streamlining your gear and reducing clutter.

Content Creation Made Easy

Its flexibility unlocks creative potential, enabling you to capture stunning shots and videos effortlessly, expanding the possibilities of your content creation.

tenikle review

Lifetime Warranty

Tenikle is backed by a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and confidence in the product's durability and quality.

Sustainable Choice

Made with silicone instead of plastics, Tenikle contributes to a brighter future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Tenikle offers stability, flexibility, and convenience, making it the ultimate device mount for anyone seeking an enhanced and enjoyable device mounting experience.

What Does Tenikle Stick To?

Tenikle sticks to any smooth surface, making it incredibly versatile and easy to use. Whether it's glass windows, mirrors, car dashboards, kitchen counters, or even tree branches, if the surface is smooth, Tenikle can securely mount on it. This opens up a world of possibilities for capturing content in various environments and settings.

tenikle review

Unlike some device mounts that require specific surfaces or materials, Tenikle's powerful suction cups create a strong vacuum seal on smooth surfaces, ensuring a secure hold for your phone, tablet, or camera. This means you can take your device mounting game to new heights and explore creative angles for your photos and videos, knowing that Tenikle will stick firmly wherever you need it to be.

How Does Tenikle Work?

Tenikle's working mechanism is simple yet effective. It's bendable legs, and powerful suction cups allow for easy and secure device mounting on any smooth surface. To use Tenikle, you need to bend its arms to adjust your device to the desired angle.

how does tenikle work

Then, firmly press the suction cups onto the smooth surface, creating a strong vacuum seal that keeps your device securely in place. The silicone cups provide unmatched suction power, supporting over 100 times their weight.

When you're done, peel off the suction cups, and Tenikle is ready to be used again in a different location. Its user-friendly design and versatility make Tenikle a game-changer for content creators, travelers, and anyone seeking a reliable and flexible device mount.

Tenikle Review: Features of Tenikle

Tenikle boasts a range of impressive features that set it apart as the ultimate device mount:

tenikle review features of tenikle

Yoga-Level Flexibility

With its 360° bendable arms, Tenikle offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to adjust your device to any angle effortlessly.

Unmatched Suction

The powerful silicone cups create a stronghold, enabling Tenikle to support over 100 times its weight, ensuring your device stays securely in place.

Crazy Strong

Tenikle's durable construction ensures it can withstand various conditions, making it a reliable companion for all your adventures.

tenikle review

360° Motion

The removable 4th arm attachment enhances Tenikle's versatility, enabling even more creative setups for your devices.

All-in-One Solution

Tenikle replaces the need for multiple accessories, streamlining your gear and saving space, time, and money.

Content Creation Made Easy

Tenikle's flexibility opens up endless possibilities for capturing the perfect shot, allowing you to explore angles and settings like never before.

tenikle review

Lifetime Warranty

Tenikle is backed by a free lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of the product's quality and durability.

Sustainable Choice

Tenikle uses silicone instead of plastics, contributing to a more environmentally friendly future.

With its exceptional features, Tenikle is a game-changing device mount that caters to the needs of content creators, travelers, and tech enthusiasts alike, providing stability, convenience, and limitless creative potential.

How To Use Tenikle?

Using Tenikle is incredibly straightforward, making it a user-friendly and hassle-free device mount. Follow these simple steps to make the most of Tenikle:

how to use tenikle
  1. Bend: Adjust the arms of Tenikle to your desired angle. Its 360° bendable design allows you to position your device exactly how you want it.
  2. Stick: Once you have chosen the perfect angle, firmly press the powerful suction cups onto any smooth surface. The silicone cups create a strong vacuum seal for a secure hold.
  3. Hold: Place your phone, tablet, or camera onto Tenikle's arms, ensuring it is securely positioned. Thanks to its unmatched suction power, your device will stay in place without any worries.
  4. Capture: Now, you're ready to capture amazing photos and videos! Whether creating content, attending video calls, or enjoying hands-free convenience, Tenikle will be your reliable companion.

When you're done, peel off the suction cups from the surface, and Tenikle is ready to be used again wherever your creative journey takes you. Embrace the simplicity and versatility of Tenikle as it enhances your device mounting experience like never before.

Pros & Cons Of Tenikle

Pros of Tenikle

tenikle review
  • Stability & Security
  • Versatility
  • Device Accessibility
  • Ease of Use
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Content Creation Made Easy
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sustainable Choice

Cons of Tenikle

  • Limited to Smooth Surfaces
  • Suction Power over Time

Overall, Tenikle offers numerous advantages with its stability, flexibility, and convenience, making it a highly recommended device mount for various purposes. While it excels on smooth surfaces, users may need to be mindful of the suction cups' longevity to ensure consistent performance over extended use.

Recommended Uses for Tenikle

Tenikle's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of uses. Here are some recommended uses for Tenikle:

tenikle review
  1. Content Creation: Tenikle is a game-changer for content creators, vloggers, and photographers. It allows you to capture high-quality photos and videos from various angles and settings, unlocking your creative potential.
  2. Hands-Free Convenience: Whether you're cooking, working, or attending virtual meetings, Tenikle provides hands-free access to your device, making multitasking effortless.
  3. Travel Companion: Tenikle is the perfect travel companion, ensuring you never miss capturing memorable moments on your adventures. For unique shots, mount your device on car windows, hotel balconies, or tree branches.
  4. Video Calls: Achieve the perfect eye-level angle during video calls, eliminating the need to prop up your device and allowing for more natural and engaging interaction.
  5. Social Media Sharing: Tenikle helps you capture envy-inducing selfies, stunning landscapes, and engaging videos for sharing on social media platforms.
  6. Home Entertainment: Use Tenikle to prop up your device for hands-free movie-watching or video conferencing with friends and family.
  7. Learning & Creativity: Whether following online tutorials or engaging in art projects, Tenikle keeps your device steady, giving you a hassle-free learning and creative experience.
  8. Gift for Tech Enthusiasts: Tenikle makes a thoughtful and practical gift for tech enthusiasts, travelers, or anyone seeking a versatile device mount.

With Tenikle's endless applications, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Embrace the convenience and flexibility of Tenikle as it enhances various aspects of your daily life and adventures.

Tenikle Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Customers have overwhelmingly praised Tenikle for its outstanding performance and versatility. Many users have expressed satisfaction with its stability and secure grip, allowing them to capture stunning photos and videos without worrying about their devices falling.

The flexibility of Tenikle's bendable legs has been a standout feature, enabling users to explore creative angles and setups for their content creation. Whether it's for vlogging, photography, or video conferencing, customers have found Tenikle to be a valuable companion that enhances their overall experience.

tenikle review
tenikle review
tenikle review

Price of Tenikle

The price of Tenikle varies depending on the quantity purchased:

  • 1 Tenikle: $29.99
  • 3 Tenikles (Buy 2 Get 1 Free): $79.88
  • 5 Tenikles (Buy 3 Get 2 Free): $119.97

Customers can choose from these different packages to get the best value for their money. With Tenikle's affordable pricing, users can enjoy the benefits of a versatile and reliable device mount without breaking the bank. Additionally, the lifetime warranty that comes with every Tenikle purchase further adds value and confidence to customers' investments.

tenikle review

Where To Buy Tenikle?

Tenikle can be purchased directly from the official Tenikle website. Simply visit the website and explore the available packages, including single units and discounted bundles. Customers can select the package that best suits their needs and proceed with a secure and convenient online purchase.

As an American company based in San Diego, CA, Tenikle also offers fast shipping to over 40 countries, making it accessible to customers worldwide. For those in the USA, free shipping options may be available for qualifying orders, adding extra convenience to purchasing.

tenikle review

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Tenikle Tripod Hold Heavy DSLR Cameras?

Tenikle is designed to hold phones, tablets, and lightweight cameras securely. While it can handle most compact cameras, it may not be suitable for heavy DSLR cameras or professional-grade equipment.

tenikle review

Is The Tenikle Tripod Suitable For Smartphones?

Yes, Tenikle is perfect for smartphones of various sizes. Its flexibility allows you to adjust the arms to securely hold your phone in place, making it ideal for capturing photos and videos and participating in video calls hands-free.

Can I Use The Tenikle Tripod In Extreme Weather Conditions?

Tenikle's strong suction cups provide a reliable grip on smooth surfaces, but extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or strong winds may impact its stability. It's recommended to exercise caution and ensure additional support in challenging weather conditions.

Is The Tenikle Tripod Easy To Clean After Underwater Photography?

Tenikle's silicone material makes it easy to clean after underwater use. Rinse it with fresh water and gently wipe off any debris to keep it in optimal condition.

Can I Use The Tenikle Tripod As A Stand For My Tablet?

Absolutely! Tenikle's versatility extends to tablets as well. Its bendable arms can securely hold tablets, allowing you to enjoy hands-free entertainment, video conferencing, or even use it as a flexible e-reader stand.

Is The Tenikle Tripod Suitable For Solo Travelers?

Yes, Tenikle is an excellent companion for solo travelers. It allows you to capture memories, film videos, and take selfies effortlessly without needing assistance.

How Does The Tenikle Tripod Handle Windy Conditions?

Tenikle's strong suction cups provide a secure hold, but in very windy conditions, it's recommended to use additional support or anchor the device to prevent accidents.

Final Word

Tenikle emerges as a top-notch device mount, offering various devices' stability, versatility, and convenience. While it excels with smartphones and lightweight cameras, it may not be suitable for heavy DSLR cameras. Nevertheless, Tenikle remains a favorite among content creators, travelers, and tech enthusiasts, unlocking boundless creative potential and easily capturing memories. With its lifetime warranty, sustainable design, and user-friendly approach, Tenikle is an innovative and reliable choice for all your device mounting needs.

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